Posted by Pace on Feb 21, 2013
Godsrule Open Beta Begins Soon

Godsrule Open Beta Begins Soon

The developer Gogogic set out to create a game which combines social game-play with established RTS elements. The result is Godsrule, an MMORTS in a persistent online fantasy world setting. A key feature of Godsrule is that it is cross-platform between your browser and the iPad.

You can sign up from their official site. If you get ahold of a beta key it will not only give you access to the game but also give you free goodies. Gaming Blend is having a beta key give away so grab a key and be the first one to use it tomorrow February 22nd, 12:00pm PST, when they become active.

Players who register with an Open Beta key code will receive over $20 in Orbs (premium in-game currency). Orbs can be used to speed up building, research, and training times. They can also be used to upgrade spells, acquire premium battle units, purchase tokens for the daily lottery, and more.

[ SOURCE: Gaming Blend ]


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