Posted by Pace on Mar 5, 2013
Elder Scrolls Online Beta Begins This Month

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Begins This Month

The Elder Scrolls Online beta will be coming by the end of this month! The first wave of beta invitations in March and April will be “smaller”, but will ramp up in size and scope as launch approaches. Players will be notified via email where it will instruct them to download a massive 20GB client.

Since this is the first stage of the beta gamers won’t have full access to the entire world of Tamriel and there will be specific times they can play. Bethesda indicated these play times will generally be held on the weekends and only a “few events per month”.

If your worried about being passed over for not having a top-of-the-line PC then dont be Bethesda said it will choose testers depending on specific needs. The Elder Scrolls Online is due to be out later this year and no pricing model has been announced.

If for some reason you missed out earlier article about signing up then do so right now here.

[ SOURCE: Polygon ]

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