Posted by Pace on Aug 8, 2013
Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer Beta Started

Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer Beta Started

Batman Arkham Origins is headed our way and this time there is multiplayer and its rather unique. This multiplayer has a new mode, Invisible Predator Online. It will borrow elements from the Arkham challenges and put them into a multiplayer environment built for 3v3v2 combat. So six players will go head to head either as a henchmen for Bane or Joker. Batman and Robin can stealthy pick off single gunmen one by one. So basically Batman and Robin roles are the same as when in the campaign used detective vision etc. gradually building a intimidation meter. When certain conditions are met, both the Bane and Joker will become playable characters for a short period.

Although the game is being developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal the multiplayer is being developed by Splash Damage. They are the developers behind Brink and Dirty Bomb. Creative director Alastair Cornish spoke to OXM about why Splash Damage is developing the multiplayer, here is what was said:

They came and spoke to Splash Damage, obviously we’re multiplayer specialists, we’ve been going for almost 15 years now, and it’s all we do – or almost all we do – so we’re kind of highly specialized. And then we kind of started a dialogue about what could we do, what would it look like.

We were all very passionate about the fact that this shouldn’t be a “me too” mode or a tacked-on mode. It had to be distinct, it had to be uniquely Arkham, and it had to feel like a natural growth of the single player experience.

From what I can gather this beta is closed and invite only if you have a Warner Bros. ID. If you have a WBID then go check your email and spam folder to see if you got in. The beta runs from August 7th to August 14th. The beta is available on 360, PS3 in North America, and PS3 in Europe. If you happen to get in head back here and let us know in the comments.


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