Posted by Pace on Jan 17, 2013
Applying For Final Fantasy XIV Beta Is Now Open

Applying For Final Fantasy XIV Beta Is Now Open

As of Jan 8th applying for Final Fantasy XIV beta is now open!

To apply to become a beta tester, you need only provide a valid email address, your date of birth, and your country of residence, as well as indicate the beta test(s) in which you wish to participate. A Square Enix account is required to participate in the beta test. However, an account is not required when submitting a beta tester application. The beta will come to the ps3 in phase 3 so if your hoping to play it on ps3 you will have to wait till then.

North America signup: here
Europe signup: here

  • Testers will be contacted in the order they are selected.
  • Players in possession of a SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS code
    that came bundled with FINAL FANTASY XIII will be given
    priority for the PlayStation®3 Beta Test.

This is a 4 phase beta test and the 1st phase begins mid feburary.

  • Phase 1: Windows PC
    Core Systems Rebalancing
  • Phase 2: Windows PC
    Gamepad Control Adjustments
  • Phase 3: Windows PC & PlayStation®3
    Global Testing and Version 1.0 Character Data
    Import Testing
  • Phase 4: Windows PC & PlayStation®3
    Open Testing

For more details check out the beta test roadmap.


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